What is Tantra?

Tantra is a 5,000 years old spiritual Eastern practice that involves all areas of life and accelerates a path to self-realization. In the US and other western countries, the word tantra usually comes up in a sexual context and the term “tantric sex” has become more and more popular.

TAN means expansion/extension and TRA means instrument. So, tantra is your instrument for expansion in every area of your life. In sexuality, tantra offers tools to master lovemaking skills, expand intimacy and extend pleasure. People who practice tantra do not withhold intimacy or reject sex. They celebrate it and enjoy it, understanding that sex is sacred and pleasure is healing.

Most of my work focuses on sexual healing and empowerment, however, as you continue your practice, you will find other aspects of tantra equally fascinating. I also coach those looking to use tantra in business and non-sexual relationships.